'Let me help you': Colorado deputy pleaded with gunman moments before he shot him
Colorado deputy Zackari Parrish (Photo: Douglas County PD)

Body camera footage was released after last weekend's shooting in Douglas County, Colorado.

Deputy Zackari Parrish was ultimately shot and killed in the line of duty, but prior to that, the audio and video revealed he was pleading with the shooter to help, Fox 31 reported.

“Up until the moment he died, he was pleading with the man, ‘Let me talk to you, let me help you’ and then the killer killed him,” Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said of Parrish.

Spurlock heralded the work Parrish did as an officer, saying that he never saw anyone more calm in difficult situations.

The shooting occurred when police were called to the home Army veteran Matthew Riehl for the third time that day. The former Wyoming lawyer was later killed by a SWAT team.

Parrish's funeral procession had about 80 officers on motorcycles leading the way. When they arrived at the church, bagpipers and drummers escorting the hearse.