Michigan pastor only gets 60 days after he's busted trying to hook up with 11-year-old in Craigslist sex sting
David Diehl -- Kent County Sheriff's Office

A pastor from Grand Rapids received a slap on the wrist from a local judge after pleading guilty to trying to arrange a sexual encounter with what he believed would be an 11-year-old girl -- but he was texting an undercover cop.

According to the Detroit Free Press, David Diehl, 40, told a judge, that he was '"a good person," despite previously telling police that he had a ''sexual interest'' in children ages 12 to 13.

"This case is not a reflection of who I am. ... I am a good person," Diehl told the judge about the arrest that began with him contacting what he thought was the father of the girl via Craigslist in 2016.

Diehl pleaded guilty in October 2017 to accosting a child for immoral purposes and was facing four years in prison if convicted, but agreed to a plea deal that will let him serve only 60 days in jail.

According to the report, after his release, Diehl will be placed on probation, and prohibited from using any device that connects to the Internet.