Mormon Church calls on political leaders to create protections for Dreamers
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The Church of Latter-day Saints on Friday issued a statement in support of “Dreamers,” urging political leaders to come up with a solution that provides protections for people who were brought to the United States at a young age and “have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute positively in our society.”

In a statement on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Mormon Church expressed support for immigration, noting “most of our early Church members emigrated from foreign lands to live, work and worship, blessed by the freedoms and opportunities offered in this great nation.”

“Immigration is a complex and sometimes divisive issue,” the statement reads. “As we have stated before, we believe that tour first priority is to love and care for one another as Jesus Christ taught.”

While insisting “the Church does not advocate any specific legislative or executive solution,” the statements reads they “hope … in whatever solution emerges, there is a provision for strengthening families and keeping them together.”

“Specifically, we call upon our national leaders to create policies that provide hope and opportunities for those, sometimes referred to as ‘Dreamers,’ who grew up here from a young age and for whom this country is their home,” the LDS Church wrote.

“They have built lives, pursued educational opportunities and been employed for years based on the policies that were in place,” the Church continued. “These individuals have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute positively in our society, and we believe they should be granted the opportunity to continued to do so.”

The LDS statement comes as the prospect of Congress passing a DACA bill faded Friday after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected a White House immigration framework that would provide a path to citizenship for people brought to the United States as children and increase funding for border security. The White House proposal would also bolster restrictions on legal immigration.