Trump voters think 'word-vomit' president has been a total embarrassment -- but they'd vote for him again
Local residents react as U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at a rally in Huntington, West Virginia, U.S., August 3, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

After spending a month in heartland Muncie, Indiana, a Guardian journalist found Donald Trump voters who don't care much for the way the president conducts himself, but say their lives have not been changed since the election and they would vote for him again.

Correspondent Gary Younge reports that enthusiasm for the president who promised to "Make America great again," has not dimmed, with one Indiana local calling Trump -- whose national approval numbers have plummeted -- a "great president."

According to Trump voter Jamie Walsh, nothing has changed in the past year under the Republican president.

“We’re a year down the road,” Walsh suggested. “I wish people would stand up, take a look at their lives and see what is so different. What have you been screaming about for a year? I struggle to find anything bad that has happened to everyday Americans and their lives.”

Walsh added, "[He is] a 70-year-old white man. He’s been supported in bigotry his entire life. He’s been validated his entire life. And people wonder why he acts like this. No wonder he acts like this.”

According to Younge, Trump voters in Muncie look at the booming economy and attribute it to the president after one year in office.

“I don’t just think he’s done a pretty good job,” stated Ted Baker, a business exec who provides office space, advice and support for local entrepreneurs. “I think he’s done a great job. It’s not easy when you have the mainstream media in your country battling you all the time.”

Baker also blamed the media for not giving Trump --who he described as "not a politician" -- a fair shake, saying: “President Trump is a disrupter and I felt politics needed some disruption. Now disruption’s never easy. But it is important.”

Brad Daugherty, a business owner who voted for Trump because he promised to roll back regulations and wanted to insure the next Supreme Court justice was anti-choice, agreed with Baker, although he doesn't care for the way the president conducts himself at times.

“There’s lots of things he’s said that I can’t defend,” Daugherty explained, when asked about Trump's notorious “pussy-grabbing” comments. “And I’m not going to try to. He just keeps opening his mouth and spews out word-vomit and I cringe, because he doesn’t have a filter. You can think things. You don’t have to put them out there.”

Walsh added, “He’s completely embarrassed the United States more than a handful of times. He’s like your drunk uncle at a party,” while another woman who asked not be names, interjected: “He wouldn’t be someone I’d want to socialize with. I don’t appreciate his bad manners and his bullying. But I do appreciate his business and negotiating skills.”

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