Ex-CIA official calls Wray's debunking of Kelly's Porter story a 'stiletto knife' into the back of the White House
Phil Mudd (Photo: screen capture)

After FBI Director Christopher Wray refuted the Trump administration official timeline on domestic abuse allegations against former White House staffer Rob Porter, an ex-CIA official lauded the bureau director's statements during Wolf Blitzter's "The Situation Room."

"You think you only see stiletto knives in gangster movies," former intelligence official and CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd said Tuesday afternoon. "If you want a stiletto knife in the bureaucracy of Washington, DC, you just saw one."

He went on to say that between the White House's shifting timeline on when they learned about Porter's alleged domestic violence and the FBI's, he's more likely to side with the bureau chief's explanation.

"When you close the file in July on a high-profile investigation that I presume is being expedited, and that thing is still being adjudicated six, seven months later in February, what does that tell you?" Mudd mused. "I can tell you, it tells me it wasn't being adjudicated for smoking dope in high school or for getting a speeding ticket."

"There was a serious problem with that file," he continued. "Whether or not White House officials knew what was in the personal details of what was in the file isn't the question that needs to be asked."

"They knew that this guy couldn't get a clearance after more than a half a year of adjudication," Mudd concluded. "That's all I need, Wolf."

Watch below, via CNN: