Gucci put white models in turbans and Sikhs are not having it
A turban-clad model walking the catwalk in Gucci's new line/Screenshot

Models wearing the latest styles from Italian luxury brand Gucci with turbans have sparked a backlash.

Musician Utkarsh Ambudkar was among those offended by white models walking the catwalk in Milan while wearing the traditional head covering.

"What in the unholy culturally appropriating fuck is this?" he asked.

Sikhs, who often face oppression and even violence for wearing turbans in the West, were among those offended.

"My blood is boiling right now. As a Sikh, I see this as a huge sign of disrespect and disregard towards Sikhism," wrote Twitter user @desiavan. "It isn’t hard to educate yourself on the significance of a turban. This isn’t a mere fashion accessory!"

"Hundreds and thousands of Sikhs were de-scalped and killed for professing their Sikh faith and wearing the turban," wrote Twitter user Ajit Singh. "Sikhs still face so much physical+verbal abuse in the west due to the turban. This is our crown."

Canada-born actor Avan Jogia was among the first to take note of the turbans. He plead with other people of color to join him: "this happens to ALL of us, say something even if it doesn't apply to you personally. I got you, if you got me. Peace and love."

You can watch the Gucci full show including the turbans below.