Racist bar bouncers threaten black Washington teens over school photography project
Darnesah Weary (KOMO)

A Washington state mother said security guards hurled racial slurs at her teenage children as they took photographs for a school project.

Darnesah Weary said her 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were using light from outside Harvey's Lounge in Edmonds to take photos for a class assignment when bouncers confronted them, reported KOMO-TV.

The teens said a patron asked them to leave the area, so they did -- but returned a short time later to look for a lost wallet.

Weary said a bouncer came outside Harvey's Lounge and used a racial slur toward the teenagers before chasing them off with a baseball bat.

"'Get off our property, we don't want you here and we don't want N-words,'" the bar employee said, according to Weary's children. "They kept saying the N-word over and over again."

Surveillance video shows two people come out of the bar and yell from the doorway, and then a woman sets a baseball bat on the ground.

Weary said her children were frantic and fearful when they came home, and she called police to report the incident before posting about it on Facebook.

"I immediately called 911, and they're here taking a report now," Weary posted Sunday night. "I called the restaurant to inquire about the incident and the lady on the phone said that 'she didn't want them on her property.' I then informed her that they were minors and working a on school project ... she told me that she didn't care and that they were being 'suspicious.'"

A woman who answered the phone at Harvey's Lounge declined to comment but denied Weary's claims.

"All of that is a lie and you can talk to the Edmonds police department about it," the woman said, before hanging up the phone.