Racist basketball fan who used slur against Spurs player identified and banned in Cleveland
Spurs guard Patty Mills/Screenshot

The Cleveland fan who taunted a member of the San Antonio Spurs with a racist slur has been identified and banned by the team, Cleveland.com reports.

During a nationally televised game on Sunday, the fan taunted Spurs guard Patty Mills, who is of indigenous Australian descent, about his hair.

"Hey Jamaica called, they want their bobsledder back. Hey Mills, Jamaica just called, they want their bobsledder back!" the fan yelled.

The racist taunt was audible on the broadcast.

Team security was able to identify the man, who they did not name, and he will be unwelcome at Cavs games for a year.

"I've found how important it is for me to be a role model for indigenous Australians," Mills said. "Last night's incident is something that's not new to me. I've ignored a lot of stuff growing up as an indigenous Australian and over here in the NBA as well. Look, last night's incident was a mere example of stuff that still exists in sports today... Racism does still exist in sports today, and we can do a lot more."

Watch Mills talk to an Australian TV station about "being strong and taking the high road" below.