Republican Party Chair brushed off black RNC member who complained about Trump's 'sh*thole' comments: report
RNC official Ada Fisher (Screen cap).

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel reportedly brushed off a black RNC member who raised concerns about President Donald Trump's description of African countries as "shitholes."

Politico is reporting that Ada Fisher, an RNC official from North Carolina, raised "deep concerns" on Thursday morning with McDaniel about Trump's comments, which she deemed "unhelpful" to the party.

In response, McDaniel reportedly downplayed the remark and refused to address Fisher's underlying concerns about the way that many black voters were offended by the remark.

"McDaniel responded by saying she was not present when Trump's alleged remark during a meeting with lawmakers took place," the publication writes. "She also said that there were differing accounts of what transpired, that the president denied saying 'shithole,' and that the party stood by him."