Seth Meyers rips Trump's bizarre rant during White House gun meeting: 'He’s at a rewrite table for a Die Hard movie'
Seth Meyers (Screengrab)

During his “Closer Look” segment on Wednesday, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers offered a hilarious description of Donald Trump’s ability—or lack thereof—to engage in serious policy discussions during White House meetings, explaining the president acts “more like he’s at a rewrite table for a new ‘Die Hard’ movie.”

“While more and more of Trump’s aides come under legal and ethical scrutiny, he’s also struggling to deal with the nation’s epidemic of gun violence,” Meyers told viewers, explaining Trump “made a show of inviting a bipartisan group of lawmakers to the White House for a discussion on school safety and gun reform” Wednesday.

As per usual, Meyers added, Trump was “all over the place,” and relied on a “very weird example” during his push to harden schools.

During that meeting, Trump told lawmakers he’d like to harden schools, but warned they run the risk of hardening schools so much authorities will “have to send a tractor through the walls” to save students.

“Trump talks less like he’s at a White House meeting, and more like he’s at a rewrite table for a new ‘Die Hard’ movie,” Meyers joked, before offering up a hysterical Trump impersonation.

“What if, what if the bad guy locks the door, right?” Meyers as Trump asked. “And now the cops are all, ‘We can’t get in, we’re screwed,’ right? But then [John] McClane says, ‘Hold on, I have an idea,’ right? And he gets a tractor, right? And he says, ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay, mother tractor.’”

Watch the segment below, via NBC. The Die Hard bit starts around the 5:55 mark.