Tennessee teen kicked out of school after reporting teacher for making racist comment against him
Mt. Juliet High School student Austin Verduzuco, who claims a teacher made racist comments towards him. Image via screengrab.

A 16-year-old in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee claims he was kicked out of school for reporting a teacher for making fun of his ethnicity.

Nashville's WSMV-News4 reported Friday that Mt. Juliet High School student Austin Verduzuco has signed testimony from a fellow student who said they heard social studies teacher Wes Tewmey call the student "Austin Fettuccine" in front of an entire classroom. Numerous other students also reportedly heard the comment.

After reporting the incident to the principal, Verduzuco was sent to an alternative school after the administration accused him of spreading rumors that his teacher is a racist. School records released to News4 by the teen's mother allege he circulated an anonymous Facebook post making the claim before being found guilty of "behavior prejudicial to good order and discipline."

When asked for comment by News4 about the incident, Tewmey responded by email calling the story "fake news" before alluding to a libel lawsuit.

Though News4 did not include the Facebook post, a search for Tewmey's name revealed a post claiming he has a swastika tattoo and has made racist comments towards students in the past.

Watch News4's interview with Verduzuco below.

WSMV News 4