Texas coach heard ‘screaming’ from boy’s violent rape by teammates but ‘did nothing’ to stop them: lawsuit
dramatic portrait of battered, beaten teen boy, crying (Shutterstock)

Another Texas family has sued a school district accusing a coach of ignoring the violent sexual assault of their son by his basketball teammates.

The teen claims he was sexually assaulted more than 30 times between October 2016 and February 2017 at La Vernia High School and elsewhere, about a year after another student told police he was also sexually assaulted by athletes, reported The Daily Beast.

Varsity athletes on the school's baseball, football and basketball teams have been accused of sodomizing 10 students over three years with baseball bats, flashlights and other objects.

The assaults remain under investigation, but 13 students, including six charged as adults, have been arrested and charged with sexual assault or sexual assault of a child.

A La Vernia student told local police last February that he had been assaulted by athletes, and another victim's family sued the school district claiming the coach witnessed two violent assaults on their son but did nothing to stop them.

The first civil lawsuit was filed in April against the school, claiming that coaches "sanctioned these rituals" and allowed them to continue as hazing -- even after the abuse was reported.

The new lawsuit filed Jan. 23 claims teammates raped the boy with a flashlight and another teammate's fingers during two separate attacks in January 2017.

The boy claims he was “screaming and yelling as loud as he could,” but a coach standing just outside the gym “ignored the assault and did nothing,” although he was within earshot.

The same coach "observed" another assault that involved most of the team, according to the suit, but “walked away and allowed such sexual assault to continue."

The attorney for one 18-year-old charged in the attacks said no indictments have been filed in the case, and he said the investigation by the state attorney general's office has been "extremely slow."

Alejandro Ibarra and Robert Olivarez Jr., both 17, and 18-year-old Dustin Norman have been charged with raping a 16-year-old boy with the threaded end of a carbon-dioxide tank on a bed.

Colton Weidner, Christian “Brock” Roberts and John Rutkowski, all 18 years old, and a juvenile have been charged with holding a 15-year-old boy down while Roberts sodomized him with a flashlight.

All the suspects have denied their involvement, and it's not clear whether the teen in the most recent lawsuit was a victim in those alleged attacks.

The victim's parents say the La Vernia Independent School District had a "deliberately indifferent response" to the allegations, which their lawsuit claims violated the federal Title IX civil rights law.

The boy suffered “mental anguish and physical impairment," according to the suit, and has transferred to another school district.