WATCH: Christian author who wrote book on Trump’s newfound love of Jesus believes the president’s ‘spiritual voyage’ is genuine

The author of a controversial new book which claims Donald Trump's newfound Christian beliefs are sincere stopped by MSNBC to talk about Trump's religion.

David Brody's just-published The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography, from Harper Collins, claims that the president's newfound Christian beliefs are sincere. He interviewed Trump in the oval office. Trump identified himself as "a believer."

Brody stepped onto MSNBC to discuss the president's "spiritual voyage" which has happened when Trump sought office.

Brody branded the newly pious man as "the grandfather Donald Trump" and said he has not been involved in any "escapades" over the last two years.

"This is a deeply researched book. I'm a journalist so I'm not coming out necessarily and saying all this, I'm putting it all out there from people who are close to him who have talked to him about his spiritual walk." Brody said.

Brody is a journalist, of sorts: He works for Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.

"It doesn't matter of you've sinned one time, 30 times, a million times, God's there for you, even if you're 71 years old and you're president of the United States, until you breath your last breath Jesus wants you in heaven and so here we go," he said. "Donald Trump has had an interesting life, a rough life—when I say rough I mean he's had a lot of moral failings, for sure."

Brody did allow that Trump "is not Mike Pence."

watch below.