WATCH: Meghan McCain flails wildly after defending Ivanka Trump by comparing her to Chelsea Clinton

Whoopi Goldberg struggled to read the introduction to "The View: Hot Topics" that addressed Ivanka Trump's awkward interview where she was asked about her father's sexual harassment and assault accusers.

Trump shamed the journalist for asking the question of a president's daughter, however, Sunny Hostin noted she is not only a daughter she's a senior advisor with an office in the West Wing of the White House. Similarly, Trump has said that she intends to take on issues that impact women.

"I think if your father has been accused by not one, not two but 16 women, then that's something you should talk about," Hostin continued.

Guest host Patton Oswald said that if Ivanka didn't want that position she didn't have to take it.

"You can't just toggle on the daughter switch when you're in an uncomfortable situation," he said. "And that is part of that job is dealing with it. Especially now, in today's climate, the #MeToo climate, there's all this -- if #MeToo is thought of as a video game, Donald Trump is like the fireball in all of this. He's Donkey Kong at the top of the thing and she's the princess standing next to him. And she's like, 'Hey can we talk about the flaming barrels you're throwing?' He goes, 'We're not going to talk about that right now.'"

Joy Behar, who typically has no love for the Trumps, noted that it probably isn't easy for Ivanka, who likely knew about her father cheating on her mother.

"From an emotional and a parental point of view -- I'm saying it as a mother, really," Behar began. "You know, your father cheats like that on your mother like that. Your mother wrote a whole book about it. Now we have all of these accusers in this #MeToo environment. It's kind of heartbreaking that she has to be in that position."

McCain said that as a child or spouse of a politician you either take on a role as a surrogate or a spouse or daughter. As a surrogate you work with staff of campaigns and you work in an official capacity. She argued that a child ultimately become an extension of the official office.

"Chelsea Clinton did that," McCain said. "She took a lot of heat because in 2008 she said she couldn't actually give -- she refused an interview with a 'Scholastic' reporter, which is a child and obviously a children's publication. And there's a lot of criticism with Chelsea Clinton that she was also playing both hats. So, this has happened before."

"But was she working in an official capacity, really?" Behar asked.

McCain argued she was because she was a surrogate on the road speaking on behalf of her mother.

"She was at a University, actually, and was asked the question and refused to answer it," Hostin said.

"No, I'm, I just -- it is irrelevant," McCain fumbled, sighing. "All I'm saying is that Chelsea -- Ivanka Trump's problem right now is she has an official capacity in the White House, as you said. She is working literally as an advisor in the West Wing. She has said 'I don't really see myself as a political person.' And going forwad, when she does interviews going forward, there are ways to spin this."

McCain proceeded to go through a way that Trump could answer both as a daughter and as a White House advisor, without bringing more attention to the news that her father has been accused by 16 women.

Oswald said that he realized the reason she likely said that was as a warning to all other reporters that she'll shame them as well.

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