Homophobic ex-con issues rare Facebook apology after pulling a gun while hurling slurs in a gay bar
Zebulon, NC resident Grayson Pittman, arrested for pulling an illegal gun in a gay bar. Image via Wake County.

After being arrested for brandishing an illegal weapon while hurling homophobic slurs in a gay bar located in North Carolina's capital, a man with a lengthy rap sheet issued a rare Facebook apology for his actions.

The incident, first reported by the News & Observer, involved 27-year-old Grayson Pittman, a resident of nearby Zebulon, NC who was arrested early Tuesday morning for shouting gay slurs while showing an illegally-owned pistol at Raleigh's Ruby Deluxe bar. He was reportedly arguing with the bar's staff and using the slurs when he showed the weapon.

Queerty subsequently reported that Pittman wrote an apology to the bar and its staff on Facebook.

"I apologize to Ruby's and the staff for my actions and choice of words," Pittman wrote in the post, which was obtained by Queerty. "I made a mistake and very poor judgement."

In the post, Pittman appeared to suggest he was leaving the bar when someone issued threats toward him in response to some "rude comments."

"No excuses," he continued, "what I did was wrong and I apologize!"

The News & Observer noted that along with the pistol, Pittman was also carrying "a Taser stun gun and a fixed blade knife in the backpack."

The newspaper also noted that "it is not illegal to have a concealed handgun in an establishment that serves alcohol unless the person with the gun drinks alcohol."