'He was inebriated': Fox & Friends refuses to mention Sam Nunberg's claim that Trump may be guilty of crimes
Andrew Napolitano (Fox News/screen grab)

The hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday covered former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg's Monday media meltdown but failed to mention any of his claims that President Donald Trump personally knew about collusion with the Russians and may have broken laws during the presidential campaign.

In a media blitz on Monday, Nunberg announced that he would flout the law and refuse to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury. But Nunberg also revealed that Trump may have "done something" illegal during the campaign.

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends covered Nunberg in a single segment, but suggested that his claims were irrelevant because he was drunk.

Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano began the segment by calling Mueller's request for Nunberg's emails "intrusive."

"It is the most intimate professional relationship you can think of," he said. "Bob Mueller, over the weekend subpoenaed every email from 10 people."

"He doesn't want to sit in front of a grand jury each day explaining each email," Napolitano continued. "Who the heck remembers why you wrote an email, in his case, three or four years ago?"

The judge added: "Why he did what he did? I don't know unless he wanted to discredit himself or unless he really was inebriated as some of his people were saying. Here's a guy that Donald Trump hired and fired twice because of what Donald Trump felt was incompetent professional work for Trump."

Napolitano said that people who refused to testify are "not bad people."

"They just feel that they've been abused by the system," the Fox contributor opined.

"He definitely was not drug or alcohol free," host Brian Kilmeade insisted. "And if you watched it, he looked out of his mind."

"He does not appear to be in control," Napolitano agreed.

Watch the video below from Fox News.