'He kept chattering' so this Louisiana woman beat a man to death -- then claimed he tried to rape her
Melissa Credeur (Photo: Landry Parish Sheriff)

Melissa Credeur was arrested and charged with murder after the 49-year-old woman called 911 and accused the victim of raping her while she slept.

KLFY News cited a statement the accused gave to Landry Parish Sheriff's Office detectives that claimed the victim was her uncle and that he fell asleep on top of her. She was trying to wake him up but he wasn't breathing, she explained. She pushed him off and it was then that she began beating him.

The uncle, John Gautreaux, was found by deputies in a fetal position with bruising on his upper body.

Upon a medical exam, it was revealed Credeur wasn't raped. It was that point that she began to change her story.

She confessed to beating Gautreaux to death with a metal electric fan, a flashlight, pencils, a paint brush and her fists. Her reasoning had to do that she was annoyed with his "constant chattering."

She's since been charged with second degree murder.