Minnesota woman attacks neighbor with racial slurs and sex toys -- then tried to file a restraining order
St. Paul resident Roberta Ann Madison. Image via Ramsey County sheriff's office.

A St. Paul woman has been charged with harassing her neighbor after yelling racial slurs at her and attaching a sex toy to her fence.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported Friday that 63-year-old Roberta Ann Madison was arrested after multiple misdemeanor-level charges led to a warrant being issued for her. The charges include two counts of misdemeanor stalking and three counts of violating the restraining order her neighbor took against her, as well as indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

The dispute, which took place between August 2017 and February of this year, started when the neighbor purchased a home near Madison's. She began calling the police with complaints that "suspicious people" of "another race" may be running a "sex operation" out of the house.

The complaint also claims that Madison yelled racial slurs at guests of her neighbor.

Soon after, Madison allegedly began throwing debris in her neighbor's yard and intentionally setting off her own car alarm to force them to retreat indoors. Later, she "affixed a sex toy to the neighbor’s fence," the Pioneer Press noted citing the complaint.

The neighbor successfully attained a restraining order against Madison, who was later denied from getting an order against them due to a "lack of proof." The complaint, the report stated, claimed Madison exposed herself to her neighbor twice after their restraining order was granted.

Neighbors and visiting friends of the complainant corroborated their claims of harassment, and said that Madison acted similarly towards the house's previous owners.

Madison claimed to have a restraining order out against her neighbor and said they had been violating her privacy because they had security cameras that pointed at her backyard. Of the indecent exposure charges, Madison claimed she suffers from incontinence and sometimes uses the bathroom in her backyard when she can't make it upstairs to the restroom. She also characterized their accusations as lies.

"They can file all the fake charges they want," she told the Pioneer Press. "They still have to prove something happened and that’s going to be impossible because nothing did. This has all been played out to make me look bad.”