Neo-Nazis devised suicide bombing plot to blow up counter-protesters — but didn't carry it out
Aryan Strikeforce leaders Josh Steever, middle, and Jake Robards, right. Image via Anti-Defamation League.

When trying to get an indictment thrown out, an alleged member of the neo-Nazi Aryan Strikeforce group was confronted with FBI sting evidence showing another member of his group was involved in planning a suicide bombing against counter-protesters at a 2016 rally.

Allentown, Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper reported Friday night that witnesses told the FBI about the devised plot that was discussed at a planning meeting prior to a November 5, 2016 rally held at the Pennsylvania state capitol in Harrisburg.

At the fall 2016 meeting, which was held on the property Aryan Strikeforce president Ronald “Dozer” Pulcher, another member of the neo-Nazi group who had a terminal illness offered to blow himself and anti-fascist counter-protesters up. The devised plan, which was never carried out, including hiding a bomb inside the ailing member's oxygen tank.

Federal prosecutors introduced the allegations earlier in March after another ASF member attempted to have his indictment dismissed. The member's lawyers argued that the FBI's sting "amounted to entrapment."

Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's office also introduced evidence derived from the undercover investigation that implicated ASF leader and co-founder Joshua Steever and five others in efforts to sell what they believed was methamphetamine in exchange for illegal weapons.

The meth and gun trade, federal prosecutors allege, was an attempt to stockpile weapons and cash to support the neo-Nazi group.