Oklahoma bully’s mom justifies attack on gay teen: ‘This kid called him a rapist’
Racael Clymer (KFOR)

An Oklahoma middle-schooler claims he was beaten up by a classmate because he's gay -- but the other student's mother claims her son is the victim.

The attack was recorded on cell phone video March 8 at Highland West Middle School, and the other teen was cited for assault, reported KFOR-TV.

"All of a sudden, I felt something hit my face then hit my head against the locker," said Blake, a seventh-grader at the Moore school.

But the other student's mother said Blake had been tormenting her son, who is autistic.

"This kid called him a rapist, and basically my son just snapped," said Rachael Clymer, the alleged bully's mother. "It is not okay that he physically snapped, but he didn't just go the school and walk up to the kid and hit this child for no reason. He had been verbally attacked for months."

It's not clear why Blake made the accusation against the other teen, but his parents say the school has been hesitant to take action because the other boy takes part in an individualized education program.

"It shouldn't matter what the child - whether you have IEP or anything, there should be zero tolerance for that," said Brandy Miner, Blake's mother.

Principal Dan Schwartz said the school was investigating the assault but declined to comment any further, but the assailant's mother insisted the attack wasn't over Blake's sexuality.

"I think that is absolutely ridiculous," Clymer said. "(He) has grown up with three family members who are gay, and that's - no, absolutely not."