Oklahoma reserve cop goes berserk with gun after woman returns his middle-finger salute in road rampage
Man with road rage (Shutterstock)

Police in Oklahoma are investigating a road rage incident involving a reserve officer, who apparently became enraged when a woman flipped him off in response to his own middle-finger gesture.

The reserve officer, whose name has not been released, lost his job with Okarche police after the Feb. 21 incident in Oklahoma City, reported KFOR-TV.

A man told police he was driving with his girlfriend and children when he honked at another driver who had stopped to back into a driveway.

The other driver flipped off the couple, and the girlfriend returned the gesture in "defiance."

The girlfriend noticed a short time later the other driver was following them, and the man said he stopped to confront him.

The reserve officer, who was wearing a black hat and tactical-style jacket, pointed a semiautomatic handgun at the couple and two children, ages 11 and 5, who were riding in the back seat.

The other driver then fled after the man pointed out the children, and they gave up trying to tail the other car in icy conditions.

However, the boyfriend spotted the car the next day parked in a driveway near where the encounter began, and he called police -- who went to investigate.

The reserve office denied he had been driving during the incident and said he was asleep at the time, but the victim identified him in a photo lineup.

Police seized four semiautomatic handguns from the man's home, and he resigned from his reserve position and turned over his uniform and badge.

The former officer has not been identified because he has not yet been charged, police said.