A package bound for Austin explodes in San Antonio FedEx distribution facility
Blue light flasher atop of a police car. City lights on the background (Shutterstock).

A packaged bound for an Austin, Texas, exploded in a FedEx distribution facility outside of San Antonio, law enforcement officers told CBS Austin.

The package exploded at approximately 12:25 a.m. at a facility in Schertz, Texas.

It was moving from an elevated conveyer belt to a lower section of the center when it exploded, injuring one employee.

The package makes five that have exploded in southern Texas in the past weeks. The FBI has been working with local law enforcement since the second package and the FedEx facility is being investigated by multiple agents.

One FBI agent told CBS News “it’s more than possible” that the package is related to the previous four boxes that exploded in Austin.

Austin residents have been on edge for weeks after two were killed and four injured in previous bombings. The first three bombings were hand delivered, police said. The boxes exploded when picked up by residents.

The fourth explosion happened Sunday evening, where two men were injured due to a trip wire on the sidewalk in a Travis County neighborhood, WSB-TV said.

It's unclear if the package was officially mailed with a shipping label. Past packages had no identifying information or shipment tracking information.