Parents accuse Christian school of firing teacher for criticizing student essay on 'superiority' of white race
Former Faith Christian Academy teacher Gregg Tucker (Screen cap).

Parents of students at the Faith Christian Academy in Arvada, Colorado are accusing the school of firing a popular teacher because he brought up uncomfortable discussions about racism among students and faculty.

ABC 7 Denver reports that former FCA teacher Gregg Tucker was recently dismissed from the school after teaching at it for the past 17 years.

Parents and students tell ABC 7 that they believe the school fired him for his efforts to talk about racist incidents at the academy, which Tucker told the school he wanted to address publicly.

According to ABC 7, the alleged incidents included "a teacher calling a student 'blackie,' a student writing and sharing an essay on why whites were the superior race, a white student telling a black student to 'go back to the cotton fields' and a student allegedly wearing a swastika to school."

However, several parents of students at the school were upset that Tucker was bringing this discussion up, and they accused him of trying to make their children feel guilty for being white. Shortly after the parents complained about Tucker, he was let go by the school.

For its part, Faith Christian Academy says that Tucker's dismissal had nothing to do with his decisions to talk about racism, and it insists it has no tolerance for racist behavior.