'Trump can't fire his way out of this': Bill Maher panel offers president 'thoughts and prayers' on Mueller probe
Pete Dominick, Nayyera Haq and Andrew Ross Sorkin (Photo: RealTime/Twitter)

SiriusXMProgress host Nayyera Haq couldn't help but point out the shock that the recent firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just a day prior to his retirement could began.

"Real Time" host Bill Maher began by wondering if the Democrats have a plan in place for when President Donald Trump ultimately gets pinned down by the Russia investigation. Beyond that, Maher asked what Democrats will do when Trump inevitably fires special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Thoughts and prayers, I think," joked comedian Pete Dominick. "I don't know about Democrats in office, Bill, there's not a lot of legislative things they can fight for but obviously the organizations are ready to be out in the streets."

He went on to prophecy that if Trump fires Mueller than people will flock to the Democratic Party even faster.

"I think Trump is going to be very surprised and very frustrated that he can't fire his way away from this investigation," said Haq.

She listed off all of the people that Trump has made his way through, but New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin noted that it will be exactly what Trump does. Specifically, he thinks Trump will fire Rod Rosenstein.

"He was a republican," he recalled.

"Of course he was! They were all Republicans! So is Mueller!" Maher exclaimed.

Watch the full commentary below: