White bullies whip black classmate in 'mock slave auction' -- but the school won't expel them
A crying, upset man sits on a bed (Shutterstock).

A group of white students in the United Kingdom tied up a black classmate and then whipped him with sticks in what authorities say was a "mock slave auction" -- but the school is refusing to expel them despite the recommendations of its headteacher.

The Bath Chronicle reports that a local secondary school's board of governors has reinstated three students who were expelled for their role in orchestrating a racist incident that involved humiliating and physically abusing a black classmate.

"The Chronicle understands all the alleged perpetrators were temporarily suspended and are back at school -- alongside the victim," the publication writes. "Three of the alleged perpetrators were originally expelled by the headteacher, but were allowed to return when the board of governors overturned the headteacher’s decision. The governors decided the expelled trio should be excluded along with the other four boys for about two weeks over their actions."

According to the paper, a group of seven boys chained the black student to a lamppost and hit him with sticks, all while yelling racial epithets at him.

Two parents who have biracial children at the school tell the Chronicle that they are furious at the board of governors for reversing the expulsions, as they believe it sends a message that racist bullying is acceptable.

"It just sends the wrong message out to the children," one of the parents said. "I’ve got a mixed-race son. He's thinking 'they’re going to stick up for the white kids but we get in trouble if we do something wrong'"