80-year-old retired Methodist minister used Grindr to sexually assault 14-year-old boy: report
Former Pastor David Holmes (Photo: County mugshot)

A former pastor was included along with two others arrested for meeting a 14-year-old boy for sex.

According to KETV, two men from Council Bluffs, Iowa and one man from Bellevue, Nebraska are accused of using the gay app Grindr.

The first arrest was Samuel Morris of Logan, who met the teen in December for sex. When Detective Roy Howell brought the boy in for questioning, he looked through the teen's phone and discovered three other older men who met with the minor.

One was a man who identified only as "David," but investigators discovered it was 80-year-old David Holmes a former pastor of Oskaloosa Central United Methodist Church.

"Essentially, he confessed that he had met the juvenile boy on that application and that he had met him in Omaha," the detective said.

Court documents reveal Holmes admitted he used Grindr to meet the teen, who was at the Clarkson Hospital parking lot in February 2017. The two then engaged in oral sex. Holmes said that the teen asked him to introduce him to more older men. Holmes introduced him to 64-year-old Robert Recoy. The three then met at in the hospital's parking garage and they took turns performing oral sex on each other.

The teen's mother confirmed that the family had been at Clarkson Hospital for three months with her husband. She said that her son would leave the hospital room for different reasons.

Recoy would not cooperate with authorities and the Omaha Police Department reported he was "found dead in his kitchen with 13 pill bottles and a glass of wine next to him," KETV said.

"It is believed Recoy took his own life due to this investigation," the affidavit reads.

Holmes and Morris join 45-year-old Devin Watt on first degree sexual assault of a child. Watt is already in the Sarpy County Jail accused of allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old boy in the same Bellevue neighborhood Morris allegedly did.