Authorities say California crash that killed adopted children including boy from iconic photo 'appears to be intentional'
Devonte Hart in the iconic hug photo/Screenshot from video

Authorities now believe two white women intentionally drove off a cliff with their adopted black children.

The women, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, were married and had adopted six black children.

The bodies of thrree of those children were found with them near the family's GMC Yukon, which plummeted off a 100 cliff into the Pacific. The other three children are still missing. Among the missing are Devonte Hart, a boy who appeared in an iconic protest photo after hugging a police officer with tears in his eyes in a protest of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

NBC News is reporting that "authorities say the crash appears to be intentional."

Since the wreckage along Highway 1 in northern California was discovered last Monday, troubling details about the family's life have been revealed.

One of the women had plead guilty to charges of abusing one of the daughters while the family lived in Minnesota. Neighbors in Washington have said that the children, who were homeschooled, had come to them and begged for food because they were punished with starvation and that they had called Child Protective Services last week, just before the family took off.