An ex-private investigator is going to prison for trying to obtain Trump's tax returns
Ex-PI Jordan Hamlett's mugshot. Image via East Baton Rouge Parish.

A former private investigator in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is headed to prison for 18 months after authorities caught him trying to illegally access Donald Trump's tax returns in 2016.

Baton Rouge's Advocate newspaper reported Wednesday that Jordan Hamlett, a 32-year-old former PI based in Lafayette, Louisiana, pleaded guilty "to misusing Trump's Social Security number in a half-dozen attempts to get his hands on the president's federal tax information before his election."

Authorities questioned Hamlett two weeks before the 2016 presidential election after discovering that he'd tried to access the then-candidate's tax returns via a financial aid website run by the U.S. Department of Education. Investigators didn't know if he'd been successful, and according to the Advocate, "they feared a public release of the information could influence the election."

At the time, the PI said he was not interested in doing anything with the information, and attempted to access it just to see if he could.