Former Trump speech writer sues ex-wife for 'defamation and emotional distress' over domestic abuse allegations
Former Trump speechwriter David Sorensen (Photo: David Sorensen social media)

David Sorensen, a onetime speechwriter for Donald Trump and former senior adviser to Gov. Paul LePage, has sued his ex-wife for defamation and emotional distress after she accused him of domestic abuse, the Press Herald reports.

Sorensen is seeking $4 million in damages from Jessica Corbett, who accused Sorensen of violent and emotional abuse during their marriage—a claim he denies. Sorensen later signed as Trump’s speech writer.

Sorensen argues that Corbett never accused him of domestic abuse until she spoke with the Washington Post earlier this year. In a statement to the Press Herald, he maintained he’s never “been violent in any way toward any woman in my entire life.”

“I am seeking justice in the venue my accuser should have chosen – the courts, not the media,” he added.

In a tweet, Corbett defended her account to the Washington Post and said she’s “prepared to defend the truth in court.”

“This is my only comment about the lawsuit, any other questions will be referred to my attorney,” she added.