Interior official shares Parkland shooting conspiracy theories and compares survivors to Nazis
Kevin Sabo (Facebook)

A high-ranking Interior Department officials compared Parkland shooting survivors to Nazis and claimed the massacre was a "false flag" operation.

Kevin Sabo was promoted last year to acting chief of the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the Bureau of Reclamation, but he continues to post conspiracy theories and other inflammatory content on his personal Facebook page, reported Talking Points Memo.

“The Nazis took everyone’s guns away too,” Sabo wrote March 24 on his social media page. “A lot of similarities with these kids.”

He also shared a lengthy post Feb. 25 that claimed the Broward County sheriff, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-FL), the FBI and the CIA conspired to stage the shooting using "Project MKUltra mind control techniques."

“Did any students die by friendly fire? Was Cruz a lone gunman or not a gunman at all?” reads the post, which also refers to Pizzagate and QAnon conspiracies.

Sabo, whose Facebook page lists his government title, also shared anti-Muslim content and accused Democrats of paying Inauguration Day protesters to riot.

The official did not respond to requests for comment, but a spokesperson from the Bureau of Reclamation said the agency had no comment on Sabo's personal views.

“Civil servants are guaranteed First Amendment rights to communicate their own views on their own time on their own social media sites, even if some would find those views disagreeable or the primary sources erroneous,” said public affairs chief Dan DuBray.

Sabo ran unsuccessfully for a Virginia House seat in 1992, and he has worked in government off an on since the late 1990s and was hired in 2016 as a budget analyst at the Interior Department.

He was convicted in 2000 of attempted malicious wounding for cutting the brakes to an ex-girlfriend's car, and the felony got him disbarred three years later.

Sabo asked to be readmitted to the District of Columbia bar in 2011 but was denied due to pleading guilty to larceny by false pretenses for a theft from Home Depot, although those charges were dismissed after he paid a fine and completed community service.

An appeals court overruled the bar the following year and reinstated Sabo after being persuaded that he was a "changed man."