‘He has not only burned bridges -- he has blown them up’: GOP leaders slam Republican governor Greitens
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, from his 'Big Guns' election ad.

Republican leaders in Missouri are turning on embattled GOP Governor Eric Greitens, who may now be facing the prospect of impeachment, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

“Should the governor choose not to resign, I am persuaded that he has not only burned bridges, he has blown them up to where it will be impossible for him to effectively lead the state going forward,” state Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe said in a written statement.

The criticism follows the release of a state legislative report on the sex scandal embroiling the administration.

Greitens, a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump, has said the report was a "political witch hunt."

Governor Greitens admitted to an affair in January and the Missouri Republican Party was aggressively defending him in February.