'A real piece of work': Internet erupts after newspaper digs up James Comey’s old college columns
Former FBI director James Comey. Image via screengrab.

The Boston Globe on Monday uncovered former FBI director James Comey's college newspaper musings — and Twitter erupted with glee, criticism and confusion.

When writing for the College of William & Mary's Flat Hat newspaper in the 1980's, Comey's commentary was as contradictory as it was during his tenure at the bureau. He discussed both the need to focus on campus rape and increasing admissions diversity — but also took pot shots at Harvard women, who he considered to be less attractive than the women at his alma mater.

"Girlwise, Harvard is desolate,” Comey wrote, recalling a supposed friend's impression of the Massachusetts Ivy League school. “There is very little grass in Harvard Yard; the coeds (we use the term loosely) ate it all. A large number of Harvard undergraduate men are unaware that the school went coed fifteen years ago.”

Recounting stories from his friend "Paul," who attended Harvard, Comey wrote that "Harvard girls make an effort too, he said . . . to buy baggy jeans and fill them.”

Responding to the former FBI director's college ruminations, Twitter had as much to say on the subject as Comey did about the many issued he covered during his academic journalism career.

"College Comey sounds like a real piece of work," Crooked Media's Priyanka Aribindi tweeted.

Washington Post reporter Tracy Jan, meanwhile, appeared to laud Comey for his focus on race relations at the school.

Check out some of the best responses below: