Stoneman Douglas teacher accused of calling Jewish pro-gun student the ‘next Hitler’
Kyle Kashuv at a gun rang with his dad. (screenshot from Twitter)

Students and teachers are on edge at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where the Feb.14 mass shooting took place.

After a Twitter debate about gun control and safety, Greg Pittman, a history teacher, allegedly compared one of his students to Adolf Hitler, reported the Sun Sentinel.  

Kyle Kashuv, a junior posted a photo of himself shooting at a gun range with his father. Kashuv wasn't in class at the time of the name-calling, but three of his peers confirmed that Pittman referred to him as the “next Hitler.”

After seeing his Tweets Kashuv said that law enforcement brought him in for questioning.

"I can now check off being wrongfully questioned by law enforcement off my bucket list," Kashuv said. "School will be interesting for the remainder of my tenure at MSD. I am not looking forward to it."

Kashuv said the law enforcement was trying to intimidate  him, and he felt like his 2nd amendment rights were being violated.

"If one complains about someone streaming a violent video game and someone else calls law enforcement because they're nervous, does the police have the right to interrogate the gamer?" he said. "Of course not, That's against his or her constitutional rights.”

Pittman responded to the student's tweets defending the officers decision to question him.

“After a mass shooting at a school, you don’t have to be the sharpest tack in the box to understand when another student's post a photo of an assault weapon, why school security personnel and police might ask questions,” Pittman said.

Pittman continued: “Do you have any idea what it is like for kids to go back or teachers in those classes? Kyle only did it for attention. Very very bad idea to do. Poor taste is being kind.’’

Kashuv said that he wanted to learn how to defend himself.

Kashuv responded: “Greg, it's not in poor taste to learn how to defend myself to ensure I'm not the next victim. I want others to do the same. We saw that the actual first responder to an active shooter is the potential victim(s). The fact that you're too ignorant to see that is telling.”

Kashuv said that it was also extremely derogatory that he referred to him as Hilter.

“I find it utterly vile that he’d call a Jew the next Hitler,” Kashuv ,whose family is from Israel said. “It’s also quite telling that he doesn’t know that Hitler took the people’s weaponry and I want more law-abiding citizens to have firearms."

The Broward County School District investigated the incident. District spokeswoman Nadine Drew said: "District staff and school administrators looked into this matter and following a review, determined the tweet messages to be non-threatening."

Pittman did not immediately respond to request for comment.