Woman trampled by moviegoers trying to flee man shouting about God during ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
Street preachers arrested in Springfield for disorderly conduct (Screenshot/YouTube)

A theater in San Bernardino cleared out on Thursday after a man jumped up from his seat during “Avengers: Infinity War” and began shouting about God, Redlands Daily Facts reports.

Police say around 10 p.m., they began receiving calls about a man interrupting the showing of the Avengers movie—including erroneous calls about 30 to 40 shots fired. Authorities were able to determine no shots were fired.

They later detained 28-year-old Michael Ray Webber, who told police he was not under the influence, but simply “preaches about God all the time at the end of movie,” RDF reports. He was arrested “on suspicion of offensive language likely to cause a violent reaction.”

One woman was taken to an area hospital after she jumped over a railing 20 feet down to escape the screening room—and was subsequently trampled by other attendees trying to flee the theater.