Chelsea Clinton charges Trump  with 'degrading what it means to be an American' by 'mainlining hate'
Chelsea Clinton (Youtube)

In a wide ranging interview with the Guardian, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, talked about her life in the White House and had a few things to say about the current occupants, including President Donald Trump.

On tour to promote her book, "She Persisted Around the World," Clinton said the Trump administration has “mainlined hate” by noting the rise of attacks on minorities during his tenure.

"Not just the hundreds, but now thousands of instances in schools across America, where children are citing the president as they’re demeaning a little girl, or they’re chanting ‘Build a wall’ in an attempt to demean and degrade brown children,” she stated.

Focusing on Trump's wall, she said more needs to be said to push back at what Trump is attempting, stating, "I think those of us who have platforms to do that have to say this is wrong and unacceptable, so we don’t normalize it but try to detoxify what has been unleashed. Because if we don’t, we leave a vacuum. And I think the darkness fills that vacuum."

As for Trump's Russia problems, she claimed she is not up on the day to day revelations, but said that the president needs to be held "accountable" for what is uncovered by special counsel Robert  Mueller.

“I haven’t followed that as closely as I have everything that’s emerging around the Russia investigation," Clinton replied "But I do think it’s important that no one is above the law, and so whatever investigations come out of what Mueller’s doing, or the other ways in which many people are attempting to hold the president accountable, I think it’s important that those continue.”

You can read the whole interview here.