CNN headline fulfills Trump scheme by declaring he is 'winning' war to 'demonize' Mueller
Special counsel Bob Mueller (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Images via screengrab.

In self-fulfilling headline on Tuesday, CNN declared that President Donald Trump is "winning" the war to "demonize" special counsel Robert Mueller.

Writing on Chris Cillizza's CNN blog in an article titled, "Trump is winning his effort to demonize Mueller," Z. Byron Wolf argues that Trump's "witch hunt" mantra is "working, for now."

"But in terms of the Russia investigation, he's embarked pretty clearly on an effort to make everything Mueller does out to be about politics rather than justice, and in doing so, he's winning the argument," the CNN contributor opines. "In large part, he's winning it because he's the only one arguing right now. Robert Mueller, presumably hard at work on his investigation, is not out in public defending himself or his staffers."

Wolf adds: "Particularly among Republicans, [lower approval ratings] of the Mueller investigation [have] followed. It is when Mueller is viewed as a partisan -- and that's what Trump has tried to hammer into people's minds for months -- that the President can try try [SIC] to inoculate himself whatever action Mueller might someday take."

Trump was likely in search of headlines when he embarked on the campaign to undermine Mueller. With the article on Cillizza's blog, Trump has already achieved part of his goal.