Tré Williams is a 20-year old Maryland college student who says he usually takes the bus home after classes but decided to walk last week because it was a beautiful day. On his way home he passed a house on fire, and ran in to save a stranger, an 80-year old woman. His actions saved her life.

"I didn't really think much. I just, it was just an instinct," Williams told WBAL. "So I jumped over the fence and I opened the door and saw that her arm was tangled up, so I just took her off of it, and that's when she just kept saying, 'What's happening? What's happening?' I grabbed her, put her arm around my shoulder and I just kept saying, 'We've got to go.'"

 Gail Johnston, the woman he saved, reportedly has cancer and was on oxygen. She made it out fine, thanks to Williams.

"Thankfully, a young person like that, going up there and taking the initiative to bang on the door and get somebody out, he's just, he's a brave, brave soul, because the house was on fire," Johnston's daughter, Carleen Perez, says. "So we appreciated that because we love our mom, and we were just so happy that Tré did that."

Williams insists he's no hero, and was just operating on instinct, he tells CBS Baltimore.

“I keep telling everybody, I don’t think I’m a hero or anything,” Williams says. “It’s just, I did something I wish anybody else would have done.”

"I don’t think I really did anything too spectacular. I think anyone in that situation would have done the same thing because any of us would want someone to help us if they needed us to," he adds.

Watch Video, via WBAL