Conservatives have a white-hot meltdown over news that Scouts will drop 'Boy' from name
Angry man with smoke coming out of his ears (Shutterstock)

Last year the Boy Scouts of America announced the century-old organization would allow girls to join for the first time in history. Today, they announced next year the name of its scouting program will change to Scouts BSA, in honor of the inclusion of girls into its programs. (Contrary to many reports the name of the organization itself will not change and will still be the Boy Scouts of America.)

Conservatives are freaking out.

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch took a fatalistic tone:

Anti-gay commentator Michelle Malkin ramped up the fatalism to "RIP."

Far right wing pundit Ben Shapiro called it "deeply sad."

Other conservatives voiced their condemnation:

Meanwhile, others are praising the change: