Crowdfunding website boots CEO because his Trump-boosting Fox News hosting gig was killing donations
Steve Hilton on Fox New -- screenshot

According to a report at The Daily Beast, a for-profit crowd funding site that raised money for politicians has cut ties with its CEO because his job hosting a Fox News program is having a deleterious effect on raising cash.

In a post, headlined, “A stand against Trumpism, a stand for democracy,”  the new CEO of Crowdpac announced a reorganization, saying former CEO Steve Hilton is no longer a part of the organization.

“We’ve heard from many quarters of the Crowdpac community that, in light of Steve Hilton’s political profile, the use of our platform is seen as an endorsement of President Trump and his political movement,” acting CEO Jesse Thomas wrote.

“This isn’t even close to true, but it has created unnecessary drag for many of our users working to raise funds and build support for their campaigns on our platform,” Thomas continued about the host of weekly 'The Next Revolution' show shown on Fox. “Our business has been built around removing friction from participation for leaders and candidates, and any perceived endorsement of Trumpism, true or not, could hinder our growth and their success.”

Thomas added, that Trump and his antics “run counter to our values and the values of the vast majority of our users.”

The Daily Beast goes on to report that Thomas said Crowdpac is also halting fundraising for GOP candidates,“until we can figure out how to systematically confirm that those campaigns and candidates align with the values of our community in a way that Trumpism does not.”

In a recent column for Fox, Hilton lashed out at Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for hurting Trump with his pay for play shenanigans, telling the embattled New York attorney to,  "apologize, pay back his swamp fees and tell us who else he pitched his services to."