Education Dept opens investigation into ‘anti-male’ discrimination at Yale a week after viral racist incident
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The Department of Education has opened an investigation into whether Yale discriminated against men by offering scholarships that are exclusively awarded to women.

According to the Yale Daily News, the complaint that led to the DOE's civil right arm opening the investigation was filed by Kursat Christoff Pekgoz, a doctoral student at the University of Southern California who is unaffiliated with the Ivy League school.

Pekgoz told the YDN that he used to identify as a feminist "until he gradually realized that the fundamental assumptions of feminism are no longer valid."

"At Yale, the student body comprises roughly equal numbers of men and women," the report noted. "[Pekgoz] said it is unfair that, unlike the initiatives targeted in the complaint, Yale does not have equivalent programs exclusively for men."

The USC student's complaint targeted seven Yale women's groups and claimed they violated the DOE's Title IX protections against discrimination based on sex or gender. The report noted that this is not the first time the Turkish-born Pekgoz has filed complaints at other universities for Title IX discrimination against men — and that the DOE's Office of Civil Rights already investigated Yale in 2017 for similar claims of anti-male discrimination.

The investigation comes less than a week after a white Yale student called the police on a black classmate napping in their dorm's common room. Video of the incident subsequently went viral, as did the white student's anti-Muslim writings and penchant for calling police on black classmates.