WATCH: Drunk man brutally attacks airline passengers after he is denied a beer by a crew member

Jason Felix was drunk on an American Airlines flight [Photo: Screen grab from video]

An American Airlines flight from St. Croix to Miami was overtaken by a drunk man who berated a crew member who refused to serve him more alcohol, reported the Daily Mail.

Jason Felix was standing in the aisle yelling when a flight attendant refused to give him a beer.

“No more beers,”  the flight attendant said.

“You my bartender?’ Felix responded.

“Yes, I’m your bartender,” the flight attendant said.

Felix refused to calm down and can be heard calling a passenger a “f*ggot.” Once the flight landed police immediately boarded, and escorted Felix off of the flight.

Passenger Bill Bolduc recorded the situation that he says lasted more than an hour.

“The flight attendants were very professional and handled a bad situation the best they could,” Bolduc said. “It could have quickly escalated even further if the [flight attendants] didn’t maintain their composure. At one point, there was a discussion of diverting the aircraft and landing before Miami, but we made it there without additional people being hurt.”

Watch below:

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