Former Fox News Host accidentally leaked private messages slamming 'The Five'
Fox News host Bob Beckel on July 30, 2014 [screengrab]

Political pundit and Former Fox News Host, Bob Beckel, accidentally went on Twitter and bashed his former show The Five, reported the Daily Beast.

Beckel, mistakenly sent a public tweet instead of a DM to Tom Rogan, a political journalist. Rogan said he was asking Beckel to be a guest on his show.

Beckel said he would love to appear on the show, but suggested a Fox News contributor would say no because Fox doesn't do anything if it doesn't benefit them.

He then began to bash Fox News and asserted that the company would regret the day he becomes successful. He even said his old show The Five was "tired."

In 2017, Fox News fired Beckel for making racist comments to a co-worker.