Kentucky middle school teacher claims he was fired after coming out as bisexual
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A Middle School chorus teacher in Kentucky filed a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Education claiming that he was fired due to his sexual orientation, reported the Herald Leader.

Nicholas Breiner posted a photo on social media coming out as bisexual and discussing his sexual orientation.

The lawsuit states that after Breiner posted the photo on Instagram, he was terminated just three days later. He filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for Eastern Kentucky alleging the school violated his rights.

He claimed he received “harassing phone calls during class and an unfavorable evaluation.”

Montgomery County said that he was fired "due to budget restraints, performance and protocol."

Breiner felt that sexual discrimination took place after learning that a heterosexual female replaced him. Breiner said that the only reason he posted the photo on social media was to be an ally to LGBT students.

On Instagram he posted:

"I felt they need to know there was someone in the room that understood and supported them, regardless of who they were. As terrifying as it was to admit, I had to value someone else's well-being over my own privacy."