LGBT activists warned police and FBI about mass shooter's violent anti-transgender rants before his attack
Andrew Tilghman, a now-deceased shooter who injured multiple people in an Oklahoma restaurant last week. Image via screengrab.

The now-dead mass shooter that wounded four people after opening fire in an Oklahoma City restaurant last week was known to LGBTQ activists, local police and the FBI for his violent anti-transgender rants and literature.

The Gayly, an Oklahoma newspaper serving the state's queer and trans communities, contacted police about shooter Andrew Tilghman in January after doing an interview with him about the anti-trans flyers he'd been putting up around the city. CBS News also reported that the FBI received a tip about Tilghman earlier in May based on anti-trans YouTube rants he'd posted.

"This guy needs to be on our radar," an Oklahoma City Police officer told The Gayly when they first brought him to the department's attention. The newspaper's staff also reportedly spoke with OKCPD once more in January following the interview.

Along with videos professing his belief that all people, including transgender individuals, are robots, Tilghman also reportedly posted videos expressing concerns that he was being taunted by demons and losing his mind.

"I'm definitely losing it," Tilghman reportedly said in one video. "I really can't go on. I really need some help. Please."

The shooter was killed by armed bystanders after exiting Louie's on the Lake restaurant in northwest Oklahoma City.