Losing pro-Trump candidate now being sued for scamming the elderly
Matt Erickson [Photo: Screen Grab from video]

A president Trump supporter who once called Barack Obama a "monkey" is being sued by a group of elderly people, according to City Pages.

Matt Erickson, a failed 2016 GOP candidate, created a snow business called Snow Angels that promised customers he would remove snow from their yards up two inches or more.

However, throughout 2017-2018 his company received several complaints. People would request and pay for his services, and then he would disappear.

His customer base was made up of people 60 or older. The Wisconsin Department of Justice filed federal charges against him for ripping people off.

One complaint read:  "Despite several instances of snowfall of two inches or more during the months of December 2017, January 2018, and February 2018, Erickson/Snow Angels had not provided any snow removal services."

According to the investigator Erickson earned nearly  $360,000 by scamming elderly people.

Erickson now faces three criminal theft charges, two felonies, and three counts misdemeanors.