Maine mayor mocked Parkland shooting survivor — and now voters want to kick him out
Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro (Facebook photo).

Nick Isgro, the mayor of the Maine city of Waterville, is now facing a recall election sparked by local residents who were outraged when he taunted a teen school shooting survivor on social media.

The Portland Press Herald reports that anti-Isgro campaigners this week revealed that they had obtained enough signatures from local residents to launch a recall campaign against the mayor, who angered many people when he taunted Parkland teen David Hogg on Twitter last month.

Isgro, who told Hogg to "eat it" in response to his efforts to get sponsors to boycott Fox News host Laura Ingraham, blamed outside interests for allegedly "bullying" Waterville residents into signing onto the recall petition.

"By running a disgraceful and dishonest campaign that preyed upon our elderly, disrespected our Veterans, smeared community volunteers as 'racist,' and bullied our residents, it appears that outside special interest groups spending thousands of dollars—while colluding with well-connected political elites and the local press—allegedly turned in enough signatures to have a vote to repeal our accomplishments and repeal local control of Our City," Isgro wrote on his Facebook page Thursday night.

The recall election against Isgro will be held on June 12th if all the signatures on the recall petition are deemed valid.

Isgro's attack on Hogg was apparently not the only time he had crossed the line on social media. According to the Bangor Daily News, Isgro "also has a record on social media of attacking immigrants, especially Muslims, and spreading false conspiracy theories."