New Jersey cop arrested by the FBI for beating a suicidal man in a wheelchair
An FBI agent standing next to a vehicle. Image via Shutterstock.

A police officer in New Jersey was arrested by the FBI for his involvement in the beating of a suicidal man in a wheelchair at a hospital — and is the fourth officer from the precinct arrested by the bureau in two months. reported that Officer Roger Then of the Paterson Police Department allegedly filmed and helped a fellow, unnamed officer beat the suicidal hospital patient. The patient reportedly needed surgery on his eye after the attack.

The report noted that hospital security camera footage of the incident shows the other, unnamed officer putting gloves on before striking the suicidal patient who appeared to taunt him into doing so. It also allegedly shows Then recording the beating on his cell phone and grabbing the patient by the neck and throwing him down.

Then is the fourth Paterson officer arrested by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation into the department that found two members of the force guilty of conspiring to violate civil rights and another selling drugs on the job. Two others have been suspended along with Then, who will go without pay for 30 days as per his contract with Paterson's police union.

Arraigned on a $150,000 bail, Then agreed to give up his weapons, remain within New Jersey state lines and have no contact with the victim, his family or his alleged accomplice. He is charged with felony conspiracy to commit civil rights violations and a charge related to misrepresenting the incident in the report, and if convicted with both could face up to 13 years in prison.