Pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica is shutting down after Facebook data scandal
Alexander Nix (YouTube)

Cambridge Analytica, the pro-Trump data firm that has been hammered by major scandals for the past two months, is shutting down its operations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the controversial firm is closing its operations in the wake of revelations that it used deceptive methods to improperly access Facebook users' data. The Journal also reports that the firm has been shedding clients at a rapid clip ever since damaging revelations about its activities came to light back in March.

In addition to the Journal's report, Gizmodo reported on Wednesday that Cambridge Analytica abruptly shut down all its U.S. offices without warning.

"On Wednesday, Cambridge Analytica employees learned that its parent company, the SCL Group, was shuttering its U.S. offices, with American-based workers directed to return their keycards immediately," Gizmodo reported. "The news was announced during a conference call led by Julian Wheatland, the current chairman of the SCL Group who was reportedly tapped to take over as Cambridge Analytica’s next CEO. The fate of the entire company remains unclear."