Conservative writer rips 'morally repugnant' GOP over voter suppression: 'They want a smaller, whiter electorate'
Jennifer Rubin -- MSNBC screenshot

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin excoriated the Republican Party on Tuesday after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a GOP-backed law that allows people to be purged from voter roles if they do not vote in every election.

In her Tuesday column, Rubin took on a recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision which upheld a Ohio law that permits the state to disqualify voters who miss elections. Under the law, the state can remove voters from the rolls if they do not respond to a post card after skipping elections for two years or more.

Rubin pointed out that Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion, "thinks it’s fine to take away the fundamental right to vote."

"As the Republican Party narrows its appeal to white voters and fans the flames of white grievance, it is becoming less attractive to everyone else," Rubin observed. "Rather than broaden its appeal, the party increasingly seeks to narrow the electorate in ways that, by gosh, just happen to decrease minority participation. The strategy reveals a party’s lack of self-confidence in itself and in democracy itself. When the president celebrates depriving people of the right to vote, something is seriously amiss."

The Washington Post writer praised states with laws allowing automatic voter registration. And she suggested that the Democratic National Committee and wealthy donors redirect resources to registering voters.

"Sadly, I direct these suggestions to Democrats because Republicans have made it perfectly clear that they want a smaller, whiter electorate," Rubin wrote. "It is morally repugnant and violates our democratic principles, but it can no longer be doubted."

"Hence, the job of expanding democracy for now rests with one party and any independent organizations or individuals committed to the basic principle that the people — not just likely Republican voters — rule," she concluded.