Ex-Pussycat Dolls member faces brutal backlash for smearing innocent migrant teens as MS-13 'soldiers’
Kaya Jones [ Photo: Twitter ]

Former Pussycat Dolls member turned diversity ambassador for President Donald Trump, Kaya Jones, falsely characterized a group of teens as MS-13 gang members on Twitter.

"These look like soldiers to me MS13 soldiers. But the left will have you believe they are babies being ripped from their mother's arms. Babies don’t have facial hair!" Jones tweeted on Thursday.

She continued: "Why are their arms covered ? I’m trying to understand in a whole. I get judged for being a former pussycat doll. I’m not judging but making an assessment nothing more or less."

Her tweets drew mass backlash from people who called her racist for stereotyping a group of young teens.

"Brown teenage boys sitting in a group-- hmm, looks like violent gang members to me. You’re really just not even trying to hide the racism now, huh," one Twitter user wrote.

Even people who support President Trump said Jones tweet went too far. "Stereotype much? Or do you know the source of the photo and the true story of those captured in it? I’m all for ridding MS13, but not for judging people from afar," said another Twitter user.

Yahoo News reported that the photo was originally taken by Michael Avenatti at the McAllen, Texas, airport as the boys were being taken away from their parents.